All I can say is thank you. Your course & education changed my thinking about my body & condition as “high risk”, “abnormal” & “medical”. I entered labour with a new respect for my body & a belief in it’s strength & power to work hard.

Mark was the other star who put into practice everything you taught him & was the most supportive, caring, relaxed, attentive, knowledgable birth partner I could have asked for.

Thank you x

Love from Ellie & Mavis

Feeling empowered to achieve a natural birth. These classes informed my partner of the reality of birth & has given us tools to work together during the birth. Wonderful course, highly recommend to others

Kirsten (midwife)

These classes have come at the perfect time when talking & planning with GP, doula & hospital. We now have a much greater understanding of  the natural process & hospital protocols. We realised we didn’t really know much! Having the time as a couple together to learn & the conversations it has encouraged has been great. The clouds have parted, thank you.

Louise & Hamish

Hi Di,
I just wanted to let you know how much my partner and I appreciated & enjoyed your classes. They were educational & fun. Despite how tired/nauseous I was feeling I looked forward to the class each week. I think that they helped ease my anxiety & gave me confidence. 

I am happy to say the I have a 6 week old, beautiful boy. Although, in the end I was induced 3 weeks early (due to pre-eclampsia & high levels of bile) I laboured for almost 5 hrs during which time he was displaying signs of distress & we ended up having to have an emergency c-section. At least for the labour that I did experience I used much of what your classes had taught which helped a lot! 

Talitha & Gareth

Hi Di,
I just wanted to write and share with you the special news that I had my little baby! A little boy – Arlo. He arrived on the 15th March.  The birth was Amazing !!! I loved it. I woke at 2am in the morning in fairly established labour – had a bath, crawled around on the carpet, breathed a lot, did a few funny bird arm movements to get me through the contractions, ate porridge and then rang our midwife at about 5.30 am. She came around to our house at about 8.30 checked me and to all of our surprise she could see Arlo’s head. We speedily hopped in the car and by 9.30 I was at the Hosptial in one of their birth suite baths pushing away! He was born at 10.05 am. We then had a few hours in the hospital and then an early discharge and were home by 5.30 pm that day. A wonderful experience.
All is going really well , Arlo is 4 weeks old this Saturday. He is a total cutie – wriggles alot, is very alert, sleeps just enough (for ben and i to get some shut eye!) and loves to feed !
I just feel so lucky that my pregnancy and birth journey has been so wonderful. The course that Ben and I did with you Di, was fundamental in setting up our positive experience. We both really came away from your classes feeling empowered, educated, supported and believed in ! So thank you xxx
best wishes,
Jo & Ben

We had the pleasure of attending Di’s “Birth” classes back in February this year. From that we were able to beautifully birth our gorgeous baby girl Lani Koko, born 10th April at 9.37am.

I was 40 weeks and 6 days pregnant and had a hind break in my waters Friday evening, not really realising what had happened and having some contractions throughout the night, the next morning everything had pretty much fizzled out. I was lucky enough to be in the Midwifery Group Practice and I called my midwife and went in for monitoring. Naturally as hospitals do, they wanted to induce me (which I REALLY didn’t want), I was able to let them send me home and I had until 7am Sunday morning, or they would induce me.

So on the Saturday afternoon, I went home and with acupuncture points, lots of walking up and down stairs, bouncing on ball, meditation and nipple stimulation (to get that oxytocin flowing) I managed to get labour started and by 7pm Sat night (while eating dinner) I was in pre-labour having regular contractions. I laboured as much as I could at home and by 3.30am, the contractions were really intensifying so we called our midwife and made the journey to the hospital. Up on all fours in the front seat as you do when your in labour. Fastest trip ever!

My amazing husband and cousin were the most incredible support team helping me through the labour. Thanks to Di, my husband was able to be exactly what I needed and I couldn’t have done it without him.Those moments when looking for someone to help me and maybe give me a way out, all he did was encourage and support me through. I just tried to listen to my body and when it told me to move, I moved and things would intensify more. At one point I just had to squat, and that’s when my waters fully broke and I started to get the urge to push. It really was just like the videos we saw in Di’s classes, the pushing was so intense and contractions were pretty much ontop of each other. Lani kicked me the whole way through my labour and I could feel her working hard as well to bring on every contraction. I pushed for 2 hours and finally I was able to keep her head crowned. Then one more contraction and her head was out. She even squeaked at this point. Eventually another contraction built and I birthed my baby girl. This moment is like nothing we have ever experienced before. Pure euphoria is probably the best way to describe it. Birth is such a gift, it’s tough but truely a miracle.

So thanks to Di, we were able to have the birth we planned for, a normal physiological birth. And thanks to my brilliant midwife and controlling the pushing there were no perinium tears either.

Lani is just devine and now 10 weeks old and we can’t thank and praise Di for her classes and knowledge to help us achieve the birth the we planned for.

Jen & Andy

Hi Di,

I just wanted to thank you for the amazing course you offered my partner Ben and I. Prior to attending this class I was terrified of labour, I heard all the scary stories of the pain and tearing and wanted none of it. Being a nurse I medicalized labour and was supportive of all the drugs to numb out the pain. I spoke to my midwife about my fears and thankfully she suggested I attend your class.

Your class transformed my views on labour and turned my fear into empowerment. I kept your booklet next to my bed and read it along with Rhea Dempseys, Birth With Confidence book every night. I went on the Spinning babies website from 28 weeks and did the exercises and throughout my pregnancy I was lucky to know my baby was in the LOA position. I practiced your list of inducing labour naturally and practiced acupuncture, birth ball, herbs and exercise and just like that I went into labour at 38 weeks and 4 days.

I stayed at home for as long as I could and went to hospital at 5cm dilated. I used a heat pack and breathing to help me through my contractions. When I thought I couldn’t get through it any more I jumped into the pool and it soothed my body, after 9 hours of labour, I gave birth to my son Dylan naturally without any medication or gas. I had the most amazing birth experience, the best I could have ever hoped for myself. My husband was in awe of my strength and days after my birth I feel the birth really unified us as parents and made us feel we could get through anything together. I was high on oxytocin for days and feel so empowered til this day.


I read a quote somewhere and it really spoke to me so I’ll share it.

“We have a secret in our culture, and it is not that birth is painful, it is that women are strong.”

Jen & Ben

Hi Di,

my partner Nick and I attended Birth in the October 2016 series. We wanted to thank you for such an excellent course, we both got a lot out of it. Our baby Noah was born at home on 14/12 & it was truly the most empowering experience of my life! What we learned in the classes with you & Rhea was what helped Nick and I get through. I’m so proud that at no point in the labour did I want to go to hospital or get any pain relief. We just wanted to say thank you!

Many thanks,

Stacey & Nick

Hey Di,

Heidi gave birth to our little baby girl. Lumi Rewa Andersen.

Full natural birth, she was absolutely amazing, staying focused and working through a 14 hour labour most of which (13 hours) was done in the comfort of our home.

Mum and baby made it through extremely safe and healthy.

I personally enjoyed the journey every step of the way and I’m so proud and in awe of the courage Heidi showed.

Your birth classes really drove home our decision to pursue a natural birth and armed us with the knowledge and confidence to move forward so, thank you.

Heidi & Talmage

Meet our new little addition
Rudy Ray Charles Alexander born at 4.45am on the 2nd Dec 2019 weighing 4.46kg ??
We fulfilled all of our birth preferences and managed to achieve the completely free from intervention water birth that we’d dreamt of.
Thank you Di Diddles ? xx


A huge thank you for your advice and wisdom!

My birth experience went really well. First sign of any thing happening started at 8am (some period pain), contractions started at 9am, baby arrived at 5pm on the dot the same day. What a civilised labour my son gave me!! Must have got my mum’s quick birth genes. Did not need any pain intervention, just used a tens machine. My midwife was amazing, so quick thinking and experienced. Was so glad to have her as my midwife.

I think your classes gave me some realistic expectations about birth and the confidence to stay calm and not to use pain medication. I don’t see myself as a goddess but I do think it’s helpful to tell yourself that it possible to give birth without medical intervention and that your body can do it. Rhea Dempsey had some excellent advice on that front as well as you.


Just wanted to reach out and tell you that we had our baby boy, Jack last Saturday @40w 5d weighing 3.2kg.
I got to have the normal physiological birth that  I wanted with no drugs or interventions, and managed to only had to have one exam during labour. Unfortunately I had shocking sciatica through the whole labour which kept me out of the zone, kept slowing down contractions and really prolonged the whole thing (37 hours), but my support team really utilised spinning babies to keep me in as many new positions as my body would allow which was great. The other thing that helped enormously was being in the huge bath at the hospital.
Unfortunately, I ended up with a pretty significant postpartum haemorrhage causing really low BP, fainting and several MET calls so I had to stay in hospital for 4 days (the team were great working really hard to get me home asap though). This was all after the birth though and so it didn’t really matter at all.
Breast feeding was a little derailed by lots of hospital advice and the fact that I wasn’t allowed up/couldn’t really sit in bed with the catheter and couldn’t use my arms well with IVs in both, but I’ve signed up for the Thompson method which has immediately helped me regain my confidence in my instincts. It’s a shame because we did so well feeding before everything went downhill, he’d latched before the cord has stopped pulsing and I’d got up off the floor.
I wanted to thank you for your classes, the two most valuable things we got out of them was that I felt validated in my initial concerns about the hospital system and that it gave my partner an insight into what I was feeling anxious about. I hadn’t been able to explain why I was feeling nervous about the system and wasn’t informed or educated enough to defend my wish to have a home birth to all the nay-sayers around me. It was too late to change my preference by the time we came to your class, but I still felt really comforted that my instincts were correct.
I was pretty lucky to be in the MGP at the Mercy, so I wasn’t subjected to much of the system until I got onto the ward, and hopefully next time we’ll be able to have the home birth I want (if I’m not too high risk now, after the PPH).
Thank you Di, for all your help. I can’t wait to recommend your classes to other people.

Hi Di,

Thank you for the knowledge, strength and positivity your birth education class provided me and my partner in preparation for the birth of our first child.

Our son Marcel was born right on his due date, at the Mercy Hospital. The whole experience was absolutely amazing, and went almost exactly as we hoped, which we felt incredibly grateful for. The labour was nine hours, and with the wonderful support of my partner Anton, our student midwife Agia, and our Birth Centre midwife Karen, I was able to have a completely natural, calm and loving birth, with no tears or stitches needed after having a very healthy 8 pound 10 ounce baby! He started breastfeeding within an hour of being born, and hasn’t really stopped since. He weighs about 8 kilos at the moment and showing all signs of being tall like his father.

Thank you again for providing a positive and powerful space where expectant parents felt capable, strong and perhaps most importantly, excited about the birth experience.

I’ve attached a photo of Marcel and I greeting the sunrise an hour or two after he was born.

Warmest regards,

Ilana, Anton and Marcel

Hi Di,

Just wanted to let you know that I gave birth to beautiful boy, Elijah, on 7th June at home with the Sunshine Hospital home birth team. 

I had a 10hr  labour & I found the TENs and pool particularly helpful, especially birthing in water.

Thanks for the opportunity to attend your classes, we learnt a lot, – my husband kept telling me to go back to bed as its still early & when the midwives arrived I was 8-9cm, hehe. 

Just shows how different every labour is. It was hard work but i look back on it as such a positive experience and was so pleased with how it all went. 

We are all doing great & he’s feeding really well.

Jess & Calem

Hello Di,

I wanted to take some time out to write to you especially.
Nitin & I completed your course about 5 weeks ago.

I wanted to share with you my birthing experience as I am so thankful to have had training from you.

My son Noah was born 2nd August, 7.53pm.

He was overdue by 7 days and we were about to be induced within the following week as we had passed the hospital “time allowance of 10 days”

At first there was a big meltdown. But then I accepted that I was going to be induced and decided I will still be willing and able to give this a real go at the natural birth. I distracted myself with lots of stitching of cot sheets! This was actually good for me, after all the week of remedies of trying to bring on the labour.

Tuesday came along. The long awaited “show” arrived in the morning. Straight away I jumped with excitement! I felt alive! And just as I was about to book into preggie yoga I laughed and remembered our class and you demonstrating the first stage of labour. And then remembered you saying. Women need to preserve this energy for the last part of the birth!

Lunch time came along & there was still no movement, Google said the show sometimes arrives a few days before labour or in some cases 2 weeks earlier…….So I continued with the cot sheet stitching.

At around 2.30pm I said to mum, I just cannot have any more pineapples or paw paw or spicy curry & I’m definitely over the raspberry tea. I already was having Braxton hicks contractions. – It then occurred to me perhaps these weren’t the fake contractions?……I decided to time them, it wasn’t as frequent. The last one happened about half hour ago. And so I decided to ignore the signs.

An hour later, this just didn’t feel like the contractions I had had for a few weeks.

4pm I got Mum to call hubby & to get him home.

Mum & I were dancing by now, trying the birth ball the yoga mat.
I wanted to save the shower & bath for later.

4.30 Hubby arrived home & asked how far the contractions were? “I have no idea” I mean I was having contractions that were pretty sore in my back. Back pain should be happening after all baby was in posterior position. I kept thinking.

Hubby was amazing. He got me straight into the shower, fed me little bits of fruit. Gave me coconut juice.
Put the tens machine on. This tens machine was the gods send machine. All I can say is – Alleluia Tens Machine.

At 5pm there was a suggestion to go to the hospital but I refused. I don’t want to go early & then I’m on the “hospital 24 hour in birthing suite” scenario when they will c-section baby out!

By 6.30pm I was on my paws. On the sofa. Suddenly my waters broke.
And this my sign to go to the hospital.

7pm we had everything packed in the car. Off we went to the hospital.
Hubby missed the turn off. Instead of going off the my nut, screaming I just said- it’s ok do a U turn & go back.

By now my howling was really bad. Teeth clenching types of pain.
I was still very certain this was just the beginning of labour. I remember thinking- “women do this, I can do this.”

This mantra suddenly just stuck in my head. Women do this I can do this. I remember from that moment that’s all I would think during a contraction.

7.20pm, for goodness sake why is the receptionist nurse person at the hospital asking me a million questions?
Just get me some help. Pronto.
Meanwhile tens is off the scale on the real zeeee buzz..
Also reception lady, there is no one else here.
And finally I had to say – I just can’t talk anymore my waters are breaking. And I need to sit on my towel. I just can’t answer anymore.

7.35pm We were welcomed by the  midwife.
She warned us about how we would be assessed & depending on how far along I was in labour they might send me home.

I had another contraction. In the corridor.

As we approached the assessment room, I felt this overwhelming urge to……
And that was the most embarrassing thing. I ended up having an accident in my pants!!!

So I excused myself to go to the toilet.

7.45pm the midwife asked what am I doing in there & she’s coming in. NO!!!
I begged. Don’t come into the WC!
But she did.
And then she had a look, & said she could see the head, with lots of hair!

Wait, what? But I have music, I have calming breathing that I’ve been practicing. I have a BIRTH plan!

Babies head could be seen.

I was clutching the sink, & the midwife said I’ve got this in the next few contractions baby will be born.
She wasn’t wrong. I was standing.

The next contraction babies head was born, then the next one Nitin hubby caught baby. All the while I am still standing.

7.53pm. Noah arrived to meet us!
I didn’t even have time to hop in the bath!

So Di, I managed to do it. A natural physiological child birth! I did it.

And I wanted to Thankyou. I am so thankful for your training Di, so so thankful. Thanks to you I tricked my body into thinking I’m still in early labour so that I could stay home!

I achieved my goal & we just have the most precious son!

Very Blessed

Hi Di,
We just wanted let you know about the birth of our beautiful daughter Isabel on January 5th 2017! We can’t thank you (and Rhea) enough for helping prepare us, Isabel’s birth was hands down the most amazing experience of our lives and we can’t wait to do it again!

Thank you so much!!

Sarah & Dave

My husband Dave and I started our pregnancy a little naive about the journey that lay ahead……

Click here to read more……shauna & dave birth story

Shauna & Dave

Hi Di,

Just writing to say thank you for the birth classes that we attended a few months back.

We have just had our baby in late December.

I wanted to write and thank you. The birth classes took me from being terrified of the birth experience to feeling calm and confident to manage that challenge when it came. It normalised the birthing process, and I felt confident to vocalise and move around. My husband also did a terrific job in providing support during the birth and the classes contributed to his understanding of what was happening and therefore confidence and approach during those hours. The class also helped us put together and communicate clear birth preferences.

We were able to achieve natural delivery using gas only, and narrowly avoided forceps which I am really thankful for, as Bub wasn’t coping well in the final 40mins, resulting in an episiotomy.

We used the strategies discussed in the class, and this especially helped in the early stages at home to stay calm and relaxed, conserve energy and meant that we progressed well there, and then also worked well as a team with our wonderful midwife from the MGP program later in box hill hospital, where we had a 5 hour 40 mins active labour.

We had confidence and knowledge to be able to negotiate with the midwife and specialists around visits to special care nursery and they ended up coming to us and doing additional tests that were required in the birthing suite, achieving more skin to skin contact, and to actively intervene / decline the use of sugary syrup before it was used to soothe the baby during a test as we had colostrum available – I doubt I would have had the confidence to do that if we had not covered in the classes that these kinds of decisions may come up and could definitely be negotiated. We also had confidence to decline the use of formula post birth when bub’s weight had dropped a bit, and this resulted in accessing some additional support around breastfeeding – Think these are the kinds of things that have made the greatest difference and helped us get off to the best possible start. Great!

We appreciated your down to earth and evidence based approach to the classes. All the best, and thank you again. We will highly recommend your classes to others.

Megan& Pete

Hey Di,

Just wanted to reach out and say a huge thanks as I birthed my son on the 19/03/23.
I achieved my natural physiological birth with no interventions or drugs what so ever!
I have your classes and Rhea’s book solely to thanks for this! (And my midwife for recommending them).
I had a 31 hour labour total, which I was prepared for and knew first babies are a hard slog. I moaned and groaned A LOT, which I learned from videos you showed in class. My pain management tools were brith combs and tens machine.
Damien was an amazing birth support partner and stayed so positive and utilised massage techniques we learned in class. When I hit my crisis of confidence claiming I was fading and I couldn’t go on, rather than buckling, Damien cried tears of joy because he knew then I was in transition and baby was close.
Sure enough 45 minutes later I was on all fours birthing my baby with all my might!
The whole experience was so empowering and I feel I can take on anything! Including motherhood.
We also got a beautiful first few golden hours and breastfeeding has started off well.
Thanks to you and Rhea again, the work you are doing is amazing and I’m just so happy and proud of my birth.
Michelle & Damien

Hello Di,

Craig and I would like to share our happy news with you – we have had our baby and it’s a girl! I gave birth to Nahla Okaikor Dodoo Plunkett (the Ghanaian middle name was given to her by my father after his late mother) on 27th April, 2015. She weighed 3.4kg.

Craig and I wanted to thank you so much for your amazing birth classes, which went way beyond just educating us about what happens in birth but truly did help us to make informed choices and take control (as much as you can!) of our birth. We had the most INCREDIBLE experience – I can’t wait to tell you about it.

I’m not sure if you remember my story: I had a series of pregnancy trials (appendectomy at 18 weeks, then diagnosed with GDM at 27 weeks and was insulin dependant to the end) which put me in a higher risk category for interventions and the dreaded C – which I really wanted to avoid. I had an induction booked for April 29th (midwives ordered that I deliver by 39 weeks to avoid further GDM complications). Miraculously my waters broke naturally at 38 + 5 weeks and I went into natural labour which lasted about 9.5 hours (in active labour). I didn’t have any drugs, and made sure I kept your manual close by, reading it at any chance I got, to make sure I could see where I was up to (and the light at the end of the tunnel!). Birth, as expected, was like nothing anyone could have fully prepared me for and a drug free labour was the most painfully intense thing I have done. I was very blessed to have a midwife that fiercely guarded my birth and honoured my desire to have the natural birth my body wanted to have. I remembered to ‘use the power of the pain’ and embrace the transitions my body was going through. It was empowering and amazing – and after Nahla was born I was elated with the outcome of my natural birth. There were no interventions (I had fetal monitoring the whole time, which was annoying but luckily they used the wireless ones and I was able to move around, get in the shower and squat to deliver – mostly – I did end up pushing Nahla’s body out on my back, but by that stage I just had to do what I could to get her out!). I was lucky to have no tearing, no need for stitches and no complications. My birth was truly a blessed experience.

Thank you so much for your knowledge, support and encouragement through your classes. I will recommend it to everyone who wants to empower themselves to have their best birth 🙂



Hello Di,

Just a shout out to let you know that Ollie and I welcomed our baby boy, Gilbert into the world in Friday morning. I can’t thank you enough for the wisdom and strength your teachings conveyed. Gilbert came into the world so perfectly and I felt empowered and so well supported the whole way through the labour and birth. It was a truly transformative experience. Ollie was an incredible birth partner and knew just what to do.
I’m so glad we came across your course, Rhea’s book and our amazing midwife Jo (she was so incredible). I feel that our baby came into this world in a circle of support from such wonderful wise women and I’m so grateful.

I have been using my beautiful herbs that Ollie won with the breastfeeding quiz and they are divine. After immediate skin to skin and baby led attachment, Gil is feeding like a champ and we are so in love with him.

You do truly amazing work. The mainstream narrative around birthing is so negative, you’re certainly up against it but my goodness what you’re doing is so important. Birthing Gil was the most wonderful and intense experience of my life and it makes me so sad to think that so many families miss out on that profound and powerful experience and all of the positives that follow.  

Thanks a million!


Katie & Ollie

Liam Jack Clarke was born on 6th September (Father’s Day) at 4.51am at Cabrini Malvern.  3.2kg 50cm at 39 weeks.
At 11pm Saturday night without any prior symptoms my waters broke just as I was getting ready for bed.  Thinking this was just the start of a long process I thought I would still try to get some sleep/rest and call the hospital in the morning…… little did I know. Half an hour or so later I was having mild contractions and as sleep was off the agenda we called the hospital.  They told me to come in for monitoring as my waters had broken but then I could go back home if everything was okay and as the hospital is a 2 minute drive this seemed feasible. By 1am I was at the hospital and hooked up to a monitor – baby was sleeping so I had to stay and wait and drink some juice.  During this time my contractions were intensifying and I had begun to vocalise with moans through them.  The midwife came back into the room, looked at me, interpreted my moans and advised me I was in labour and we would be moving to the delivery suite!
At 2am I walked across to the delivery suite, Anthony had made a playlist for me so he put on the music.  I had called my Mum and she had arrived just as the contractions were very intense and kept reminding me to breath (every time she said it I would realise I was tense and holding my breath and just breathing out and vocalising through the contraction was a huge relief).  Anthony had also put photos on the iPad for me to concentrate on so I focussed on those as well as mantras in my head such as ‘this is a natural process, the body is doing what it needs to do.  Its good/necessary pain to push the baby down’. I tried the fit ball but I felt better standing up and I paced the room or lent over the bed a lot of the time with Anthony supporting me.
By 3am still thinking I had hours to go I was tiring and I did ask for an epidural, but knowing I wanted to avoid it if possible I think everyone ignored me.  The midwife left the room shortly after, but around 3.30am the midwife came back in the room and on seeing her I requested it again.  Her response was that I would need to get up on the bed (another thing I wanted to avoid) and be examined if I wanted an epidural.  Around this point I was also informed that my obstetrician wasn’t on this weekend and her back up was unlikely to make it in time so I was in the hands of my midwife alone, but who was absolutely amazing.  Shortly after 4am I got up on the bed and my midwife informed me I was 8cm but only half of my cervix had softened.  I think she was a bit worried about that but the next minute I heard her say “he’s on his way”!  I was then expertly coached through the pushing phase and with one amazing midwife and two great support people in Anthony and my Mum our beautiful baby boy was born at 4.51am.  No intervention or pain relief and no stitches.  When I was examined by an obstetrician shortly after giving birth she said to me ‘it’s people like you that restore our faith in natural childbirth’.
I think your classes helped me to stay calm and believe in the process and that I had ‘tools’ at the ready to help me cope so thank you.  They also helped ensure Anthony was a big part of it and a great support.  We are now settling in well at home and breastfeeding is going well.  It has taken Liam and I a little while to get the hang of it so I am expressing as well, but it’s getting better.
Kind Regards & Thanks


Kelly & Anthony


Ryan and i would like to thank you for your wonderful education class. We attribute the information yourself, Alice and Rhea gave us for a leading factor in our beautiful birth! We managed the contractions at home using the birth ball, heat, breathing etc from 1pm till we left for hospital an hour away at 5.30.  Arrived at the hospital at 6.30 and continued to breath through the contractions on my ball in the shower.  Had strong urges to push but told not too. After an hour of fighting the urge i asked to be checked.  Baby’s head was there ready to go.  Got into the water and 5 contactions later baby Isla (suprise GIRL) joined us earth side by 8.30.

Apart from my own experience Ryan was so empowered throughout the process.  Nothing caused him fear or anxiety.  He supported me every which way whether it was holding my hips, talking me though a contraction, being quiet or holding the water on different spots.  He ensured only our midwife entered the room. He was able to deliver or baby from the water.

Thank you again.  I had no tears, fear, screaming or crying. I walked away with no stitches and left hospital with my first baby 4hrs later to recover at home.

Both Ryan and I had the BEST first birth experience anyone could ask for.

Thank you for being a big part of that!

Sarah, Ryan & Isla

Hi Di,

John and I attended your birth class in June / July and I just wanted to thank you for everything that you shared with and taught us.

Marley was born 30th Aug, after a really quick 3hr natural labour!

Unfortunately we couldn’t have the homebirth we wanted as the OBs wouldn’t sign her off as “low risk” due to measuring “small” at 38 weeks. (Marley was born 49cms and 3.2kgs, first thing that came out of my mouth when she was born “she’s not small!”)

I honestly beleive that I was able to conquer my fear of the hospital purely because the fear of birth itself had been taken out of the equation, thanks to your classes and Rhea’s book that I’d read repeatedly.

Birth was the most wonderful and empowering experience of my life! I loved it and wanted to thank you for your part in my very happy and positive birth story.

Tazmayn & John


Hi Di,
Just wanted to say thank you for your birth classes. Last week we welcomed our little girl Zoe and with the support of our case load midwife was able to have a natural physiological water birth at hospital with NO interventions of any kind. Went into labour on 2/6/20 at 6:30am and arrived at hospital at 1:30pm being 9cm dilated. It was really affirming to be told I was so far along. Between 1:30-6:30pm was hard but I had a case load midwife who I fully trusted and guided me along. She knew my wishes and also is a big advocate for a natural physiological birth too. During the time we just tried different positions which she guided me through. I also used hypnobirthing tracks and a Tens machine as pain relief. She had to guide me though my breathing as I was doing shorter breaths, instead of long deep ones and once we started that then the labour started to progress more. I was also told if things didn’t progress there would be an additional vaginal examination (my midwife didn’t want to do this, but would have been part of hospital policy), so that helped me focus on my pushing.
Zoe arrived via water birth at 6:36pm with the placenta being birthed not long after. We were discharged from hospital at 11:30pm that night and have been doing well.

Thank you again to you and Rhea for your amazing work helping us prepare and get the labour we wanted.


Tanya & Ben


My partner Will and I completed your birth course a month or so ago and just wanted to let you know we achieved a natural physiological birth and welcomed our little girl Elsie into the world on the 24th of June. After a long 48 hour labour, Elsie was born in the birth pool at Box Hill Hospital (we were in the midwifery group practice program) without any drugs or intervention. We wanted to thank you for the invaluable information you provided in your birth classes and feel it really helped set us up to get the birth we wanted. Thank you again! 


Harriet & Will

Thanks for your birth classes my partner and I attended earlier this year – they really helped and we had a great birth and start to parenting.
We had moved our care to the Sunshine home birth program, and it was a great decision. We also had hired a doula –  who was great.
I woke up on day 40 +3 of pregnancy with super mild cramps which continued throughout the day and I didn’t think much of them. At 5.30pm I had a bloody show and they really picked up and I didn’t get much break from then on. I preferred to be on my own in the bathroom at home, with tens machine, then switched to the birth pool in living room after a couple of hours, I found it a bit distracting in the water actually and couldn’t get comfortable so upon the suggestion of the midwife I got out, sat on the toilet and then stayed in the bathroom for the remainder of the labour. I had a shower and then was kneeling on the floor with our doula in the room with me. She suggested trying some lunges and as soon as I did I could feel the head. I didn’t have to push or do anything conscious my body was just in the zone in fact once the midwives and everyone was in the bathroom they said don’t push just breath and our baby was born in a few minutes! It’s definitely true that the endorphins kick in when you need them at the end and I didn’t feel any pain. Our beautiful baby boy Milan was born after 6 hrs of active labour.