Birth DVD – Now discounted to $10/copy!


An invaluable educational resource for midwives, birth educators and parents.

This gem of a DVD is a powerful statement of how gentle and beautiful birth can be, along with the reality of the pain that comes with it. It follows the labour and birth of my daughter in a compact and engaging 20 mins. A very real birth film that shows how women can deal with pain and how the people around her can provide support. Finally when she is born you will hold your breath…… its a wonderful and gentle birth into water, surrounded by friends and family.

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The DVD includes:

  • titles throughout that identify the stages of labour
  • voice-over from Di Diddle that explains her feelings
  • how to use water in labour and birth
  • how siblings can be involved in birth
  • the role of the midwife at a homebirth

“This video has transformed our perspective on birth and we are so much more convinced that we can do it when the day comes for us” – rose and vincent

“I cried through the entire birth. I never knew birth could look so peaceful. Thanks a million Di!” – susi and peter

“I love the very real mix of joy, pain and frustration in this video. Our other videos are beautiful in that they show the great power and beauty of birth. This video also does that but also shows you the reality of a woman in frustration and pain but ultimately, how she deals with it so well. A great film for the pragmatists out there. You will laugh and cry and get lots of great tips on how to prepare yourself from this film. Highly recommended” – jannine barron, natures child

20 mins
Produced by Di Diddle – Childbirth Educator