Birth Preparation Consultations (in your home)

I have 20 years of training in birth and breastfeeding skills including Spinning Babies & Bodywork. I have worked with and learnt from some of the most knowledgable and wise women of birth including Rhea Dempsey, Jenny Blythe, Fiona Hallinan, Gail Tully and Dr Robyn Thompson.

Please click here if you have already had your baby and would like to book a breastfeeding consultation.

Services include:

  • “Induction” meeting & assistance
  • Breech presentation consultation
  • Birth Preparation
  • Early Labour assistance
  • Breastfeeding Education/consultation
  • Post birth consultation
  • Baby/parenting consultation
Things have geen going much much better since your visit…..less grizzling in between feeds due to your suggestions and longer more regular sleeps. We are feeling much better. The Osteo agreed it was a fair bit of gas & he farted a lot throughout his treatment and since has really settled. So appreciative of you for visiting.

Dear Di,
Thank you so much! I loved all your information and the birth booklet is fantastic. I am very excited to meet our baby. I am so grateful to you.
I think the work you do is marvellous.

Di is an incredible resource of knowledge, compassion and understanding for the magnitude of the birth experience. When you work with her that enables you to feel confident in whats going on so that you can embrace all of the emotions and the beauty of the experience. A very valuable asset.