Di Diddle

Di Diddle has been attending births and running classes and workshops since 2002. She is a qualified Birth Attendant (doula), Childbirth Educator and Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator. She has completed training in Calmbirth, Bodywork, Spinning Babies, and The Thompson Method.
She has attended births in home & hospital, helped women shift babies in awkward positions in preparation for labour & supported women to breastfeed their babies.
She has 3 daughters, a rabbit and a man.


Alice Barden

Alice is not presenting classes at the moment.
Alice is a compassionate & committed midwife. She has worked in private practice since 2009 providing care to women in their homes & hospital. Alice is passionate about preparing women across the continuum of pregnancy, birth & beyond. She has a special interest in perinatal mental health & ensuring that women have the confidence to express their needs, concerns, fears & desires. She has three beautiful teenage boys who were all born at home lovingly guided & nurtured by her awesome birth team!

Rhea Dempsey

Rhea Dempsey is the mother of 3 adult daughters & 5 grandchildren (so far). She has practised as a birth attendant and birth counsellor for more almost 40 years attending over 1,400 births, working with women in home and hospital settings. She runs regular workshops in birth preparation and professional development for educators, birth attendants and midwives. Her work specifically with pain has given her enormous respect in the birthing community and beyond. She is definitely one of the most important women working in this field. Click here to read her book ‘Birth with Confidence‘.