Birth Education Melbourne with Di Diddle
Birth Education Melbourne with Di Diddle
Birth Education Melbourne with Di Diddle

About Birth Classes

“I want a positive birth experience and a healthy baby.”
birth is a series of dynamic childbirth education classes and workshops. You will gain information to make the best choices for you and your baby. Our classes will empower you for a positive, safe birth and help you discover the joys of parenting with confidence and ease. We take the mystery out of labour, birth and life with a newborn. This is a non-judgemental setting where your questions will be answered by experienced educators.

“My hospital provides classes, why come to birth ?”
birth provides information that isn’t usually available in hospital ante-natal classes and much more than can be gained through just reading books.

birth provides complete ante-natal education for hospital and home births or is the perfect compliment to hospital classes. A wealth of information for first timers or those who have already had a baby. Ideal for support people, single parents, same sex couples, VBAC, and midwifery students.

Attend at any time during your pregnancy, making sure you leave enough time to plan your birth from what you learn in the classes (between 20 and 30 weeks is best).

what you will learn
  • information that isnt always available in hospital ante-natal classes
  • accurate info on what to expect during labour & birth
  • how to work with your body for an active and empowering birth
  • how partners/support people can be the best support in labour
  • what to do to help labour progress effectively
  • practical tips to help the body enhance its natural birthing potential
  • how you can work with pain rather than against it
  • how your birth support, emotions and attitudes towards pain can impact your labour and birth
  • what you need to know to prepare for breastfeeding, avoid potential problems and get the best start possible to life with a newborn.

Classes Offered

Birth Preparation Classes
These highly sought after classes run on regular weeknights throughout the year. Enrol on-line for the series of 4 classes or individual classes of your choice. These classes are popular, so book early to avoid disappointment!
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Refresher Intensives
A popular weekend workshop to prepare for baby number 2,3,4…. a great way to focus on your baby, connect with your partner and transform any negative prior birth experiences.
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private consultations
In the comfort of your own home this intensive is tailored to meet your individual needs. Choose from birth preparation, breastfeeding, or sleep/settling consultation. By appointment – contact Di Diddle.

Philosophy of the classes

Childbirth is a powerful and transforming event in women’s’ lives.

The experience of labour allows women to prepare physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually for the journey of mothering.

Birth also strengthens the relationship between the mother and her partner. This is invaluable preparation for their role as parents.

Women need a birth environment where they feel safe, with caregivers and support people who trust their ability to birth naturally. With this in place, women can experience the immense challenges and rewards of childbirth.

In these classes we focus on normal physiological childbirth where we; talk openly about body parts, show birth videos and share information about your birthing choices with direct honesty.

We view birth as a normal physiological process which is best left alone unless there is a reason for medical intervention. For this reason we acknowledge the importance of a midwife as the primary carer, and obstetricians as specialists.

I was extremely anxious, having has a long and difficult birth with my first child. After attending Di’s classes I approached my next birth with great confidence.
I believe this created the difference which made the birth of our second child totally awesome.
Nicola, Ben & baby Luka

We cannot recommend Di’s Birth classes enough. Di is an outstanding educator. She has assembled a fantastic group of teachers who not only demystify the birth experience, but also provide you with the knowledge you need to embrace the journey with confidence and strength. On the night of our baby’s birth, my husband, my support friend and I drew from what we had learned at Birth and we were able to achieve what we had most hoped for, a drug free natural birth and the perfect start to our baby’s life.
Leticia Caceres and Sebastian Bourges

Birth Education Melbourne with Di Diddle