Frequently Asked Questions

1. At what stage of my pregnancy should I attend these classes?
You can attend these classes anytime during your pregnancy. Around 30 weeks is ideal but if you want to come earlier or have passed that stage you can still attend.

2. Should my partner come with me?
Theses classes are designed for couples to attend together. Your partner/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/support person/co-parent need to be as informed as you if they are gong to be providing you with birth support that is going to make a difference to your birth experience. They should definitely attend if they can.

3. We’re a same sex couple – should we attend?
Of course. Anyone is welcome to attend. I use inclusive language & hope that you will feel accepted & equal. Please be aware that although I frequently have same sex couples attend, the majority of people attending ‘appear’ to be hetrosexual couples.

4. I’m a single parent – should I come on my own?
Yes single parents are welcome to join these classes. In addition if you have someone who will be supporting during your birth they would benefit from coming along with you – especially for the birth partner session when they will learn some hands on birth support like labour massage.

5. Should I attend the face to face/in person classes or the live streamed sessions?
If you live in Melbourne & are able to attend the face to face classes this is ideal. You will get to meet other couples & having you there in real person means I can see you & assist you with the practical exercises. Its usually a bit easier to ask questions in these sessions as well. If you live in Regional Victoria, Interstate or overseas then the live streamed classes are a great option & you will get a lot out of attending.

6. Should I attend these classes or my hospital antenatal classes?
If you are aiming for a natural birth these classes will provide you with comprehensive, practical & independent information. They are presented by qualified Childbirth Educators who have over 60 years of education experience between them. Some hospital birth classes will provide you with good birth preparation, others will provide a basic service focused on hospital policies – it really depends on the hospital, who is presenting them & the resources directed into their education program.

7. Are these classes for people planning a home or hospital birth?
Both. Theses classes provide information that is relevant to wherever you are planning to birth your baby.

8. Will I learn breathing techniques?
You will learn simple breathing & relaxation techniques suitable for use during labour. You will also learn lots of other helpful practical resources. If you haven’t had much practice with moderating your breathing & connecting with your body you may like to attend a Hypnobirthing or Calmbirth course or download something online in addition to these classes. Yoga & meditation are also a great background for labour.

9. It’s my second/third baby, should I still attend?
It really depends on the sort of birth experience you have had. If you had a previous positive birth experience you may feel confident achieving that again. If you had intervention, a difficult experience that you hope to be different this time around, felt unsupported, traumatised or had a Caesarean Section then attending these classes will make a really big difference to your birth this time around. Look out for my 3 hour refresher workshops, join one of my series or email me to discuss further.

10. I had a Caesarean Section for my previous birth/s & am hoping for a VBAC – will these classes help me have a VBAC?
Yes most definitely!! Theses classes provide vital information for achieving a VBAC. They will help build your confidence, trust in your body & the birth process & empower you for a beautiful vaginal birth this time around.