Birth Support (Doula)

I have had the pleasure of working as a birth attendant since 1999.

I support women & their partners having their babies in home or hospital. I have attended the births of  twins, vaginal birth after a previous caesarean and have often been with women for their first, second and third births.

My role as a birth attendant is simple. Through knowing the woman & her wishes I offer a reassurance & belief in her to birth her baby naturally. When shes in labour I stay with her giving gentle guidance as she follows her bodys cues & intuitively enters the depths of her labour to birth her baby. Some births may require more of my specialist skills. A woman may need specific information on interventions that are offered & assist her with establishing a clear birth plan. During labour she may benefit from particular positions, pelvic tilts & massage & direct dialogue to help her through contractions.



 As a standard booking my services include:

  • Birth plan meeting
  • Antenatal meeting
  • Phone/email support to discuss and answer any questions that my arise
  • Attend birth when needed
  • Provide ideas on positions, massage, affirmations & encouragement, practical tools, discussion of medical issues, pelvic work & experienced guidance
  • Support & include your partner (if they are part of the birth) & assist them in feeling confident & connected to you throughout your birth journey
  • Stay with you while you birth your baby
  • Breastfeeding support immediately after the birth
  • Postnatal visit with breastfeeding support & birth debrief at home.


Di, THANK YOU for such wonderful support & friendship over this time of great bodily, emotional & family dynamic change: Your birth support work is wonderful – so very much appreciated”.
- Bek & Liz

“Dear Di, thanks for your wonderful support, you made Nathan’s birth such a powerful & positive experience!”
- Mirjam & Tobi

Dear Di, Thank you so much for being with us throughout the birth of our beautiful girl. Your presence, support & encouragement were a godsend. You helped keep the atmosphere calm & focused & kept the doctors & knives at bay. I am so proud of myself for birthing naturally but would have completely crumbled without you. You were also tremendously strong for Andrew.
- Cindy & Andrew