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About Di Diddle

One blustery October night, in 1998 I became a mother. It was deeply empowering – I had birthed my first baby – been pushed to my absolute limits while at the same time experienced the most uplifting and joyous moment in my entire life. I actually felt like I had become a woman. I felt transformed. My partner was blown away by my power – and the birth of each of our 3 girls deepened our respect and love for each other.

Childbirth has the potential to transform peoples’ lives, it’s a life changing experience. Being prepared, empowered and making informed decisions can greatly influence the outcome of birth.

Are you uncertain about what sort of birth you should have? Do you have very little information about what to expect? Do you hope to have a positive experience? Or maybe you already aspire to have a natural birth and would like to gain some more skills to be prepared…..you have come to the right place!

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Di Diddle

On this site you will find information about:

Childbirth Education Classes

birth is a series of dynamic childbirth education classes and workshops. You will gain information to make the best choices for you and your baby. Our classes will empower you for a positive, safe birth and help you discover the joys of parenting with confidence and ease. We take the mystery out of labour, birth and life with a newborn. This is a non-judgemental setting where your questions will be answered by our experienced educators.

Birth DVD – Dusty’s Big Day Out

An invaluable educational resource for midwives, birth educators and parents.

This gem of a DVD is a powerful statement of how gentle and beautiful birth can be, along with the reality of the pain that comes with it. It follows the labour and birth of baby Dusty in a compact and engaging 20 mins. A very real birth film that shows how women can deal with pain and how the people around her can provide support. Finally when baby Dusty is born you will hold your breath…… its a wonderful and gentle birth into water, surrounded by friends and family.

Birth Support (Doula)

Di’s practice as a birth attendant (doula) gives her a broad range of hands-on birthing experience in home and hospital. She specialises in natural birth incorporating relaxation with massage & pelvic opening techniques. She has attended the birth of twins and vaginal birth after caesarean. She birthed her own 3 daughters naturally.